The Fiat 500 Goes Electric

Fiat as a brand has been struggling to survive in the US market. Its latest move may be exactly what it needs to become an appealing choice for a younger audience. Car news outlets already spread the news about an upcoming Fiat 500 model with an electric powertrain. Photos of the new Fiat 500 have […]


The 2020 BMW 530Le Automobile Evaluation

The BMW 530Le is a redesigned version of the popular original model. It is a plug-in car and can run off of electric power alone. That should appeal to modern car fanatics who are behind the electric car movement. The automobile evaluation will cover some of the important features to consider. The mid-sized sedan is […]


The Best 2020 New Car Is Available in The Market.

Most of the car manufacturing companies are launching some of the most advanced and fuel-efficient vehicles in 2020. Earlier on, it had been predicted by the year 2020 electric cars will be available in the market, and that is no longer a dream but a great accomplishment in the vehicle manufacturing industry today. Electric vehicles, […]