Why Are Volvo Cars So Highly Appreciated by the Public


Volvo as a company has had its ownership swapped several times. It is now owned by Geely, one of the biggest automakers in the world, based in China. Despite being owned by Geely, Volvo maintained its independence and Swedish roots. Volvo car reviews have remained positive for the past decade and according to industry experts, the Swedish brand makes some of the most reliable cars in the world.

How Reliable are Volvos?

Volvo cars manufactured in the past 3 years are very reliable. Despite being cars that rarely break down, Volvo cars are famous for their safety. Less than 2.3% of all Volvo owners had severe issues with their cars or experienced complete breakdowns. Their most popular car, the XC60 SUV earned decent reliability scores in a 2019 survey.

Safety First

Looking at the Volvo brand from a different perspective, consumers do not buy the Swedish cars for their reliability. What makes Volvo so appealing is their safety. Volvo pioneered many of the safety systems we now see standard in other cars. Volvo introduced laminated glass for windshields in 1944 to improve safety during a collision. Later on, in 1991, Volvo was first to introduce the three-point seat belts that are now standard for all vehicles. Just 3 years later, Volvo introduced side airbags, again a first for the automotive industry.

The innovation of Volvo cars continued across the years, making them leaders in terms of innovation. According to statistics, Volvo cars have the lowest fatality rate in vehicle collisions and are considered the safest cars on the road.

Over the past few years, Volvo introduced its Connected Vehicles features that took things forward. As of today, Volvo cars have some of the most advanced infotainment systems and integrated services such as deliveries straight into the car, remote assistance, emergency services, and premium services, all delivered through the Volvo Sensus Cloud which has praised numerous times in all car reviews.