What To Think About When Buying a New Car


There are so many makes, models and years to choose from. So, where do you begin when looking for a new car? This guide will help you ask yourself the right questions.

New or used

When you buy a brand new car you typically get a warranty, Usually somewhere between 3-5 years or up to a certain amount of miles. You can save money by getting your car used. If you go to a dealership for a used car that’s 1-4 years old you do have a chance of getting a small warranty on it. You will pay a lot less for a used car, but you don’t know how the original owner took care of it. If you buy a vehicle without a warranty whatever happens to it is yours responsibly. Make sure you really look over the vehicle first before purchasing it.

AWD, 4WD, Rear or front-wheel drive

AWD is becoming more popular now but not all makes and models have that option. If you live in an area that snows you should look into AWD or 4WD. You can still drive successfully in the snow in front-wheel drive, you just need really good snow tires. The rear-wheel-drive shouldn’t be driven in the snow. You can still get a rear-wheel-drive car, just don’t expect to drive it all year round if you have snowy winters.


Companies have different models of cars and they are usually different by size. For example, Subaru has the Legacy and Impreza. They have many similarities but one of their differences is their size. The Legacy is a bigger vehicle. Also, some vehicles have third-row seating. You should consider the size of your family, the amount of extra space you want, or if you just like smaller or bigger vehicles.

Commuter or Sports

A sports car will use a lot more gas. They typically have high-performance engines, and their engines are bigger. Commuter cars can get twice as much gas mileage as a sports car. You can get a commuter car with sporty options and bigger engines. You can get the best of both worlds.

Gas or electric

Electric cars are becoming more popular. However, some areas are hard to travel through since there aren’t many charging stations. Some companies do make a hybrid that uses both gas and electric power.