2020 Hyundai Veloster


If we had to choose one word to describe your design, it would be freshness. Since the Veloster 2020 continues every step of the Hyundai path but interpreted in its own way. Its design is unique and perfectly integrates all the medallion and ceiling lines creating a masterpiece of aerodynamic engineering.

Its lines are the result of a collaboration between the design departments of Hyundai el Seoul and in California. The body is still 3-door, 1 for the driver and 2 for the passengers. The rear bumper is high, the trunk door is small and the roof is painted black.

To emphasize its sporty character, it uses not only wheels up to 18 inches, but also interesting accessories like a spoiler, skirts and air intakes. There is also a diffuser with a single or double outlet, depending on the version in question. It is equipped with a 1.6L 4-cylinder GDI Turbo engine that is capable of generating over 200 horsepower.

This new model comes in 6 different versions: 2.0, the Premium version, Turbo R-Spec, the single turbo version, the ultimate turbo and the N. The only one that does not come with all the features is the N version, this means that its differences are generally accessories that can be installed on the car.

Safety is a priority issue to consider in a car, and this is something that Hyundai always has in mind when designing each car. This model has several systems and mechanisms that make it the safest car on the market, among them: automatic anti-shock system (including pedestrians), electronic traction controlled by the computer and an advanced stability system. As expected, it also has its airbags and driver assistance to maintain the lane in long distances and warn in case of possible collisions, among these assistances are the alerts in the blind spots.

Undoubtedly a car with an enviable sporty style and an unmatched design, the only one with 3 doors, comfortable, with an elegant interior and with enough space for everyone to enjoy a wonderful trip in this new Veloster.