What to Know Before Getting a Car Loan


Buying and owning a car is very expensive. When you get a car of your choice, it is right to get the right choice of loan for the purchase. The choice you make requires you to think about it and come up with a plan. Five factors can drive you into this conclusion. Most of the lenders will have to check some factors before entering into terms with borrowers. Some of the checklists many lenders will mostly focus on before approving your loan are; borrower’s creditworthiness, they will also review the condition of the loan, chances of default estimation, and principal of the loan when its due. This article will help you understand them one after the other.

  1. Character

This is also referred to as credit history. Credit history will give a nice idea of the borrower’s history in terms of repaying debt. The lender will value your credit score according to your previous records and approve whether to lend a car or not.


This is the measure of debt to income ratio. This will value your income versus the debt you intend to ta take. It will also check for how long have you been at your workplace or the current place of employment.


This refers to the down payment you put on the table towards the purchase. The down payment is a way of evaluating borrower’s dependability and also the level of seriousness. If your down payment meets lenders’ satisfaction, then a loan will be automatically approved.


Collateral gives the lender assurance to repossess the purchase if the borrower stops making payment. In case of a car loan, the car itself remains as the collateral.


The conditions of the loan that include the principal amount and its interest rate will influence the lenders’ chance of approving the loan. Some of these conditions are on how you intend to use your purchase, whether at school, work, or even business.